Martine & Co. is an intentionally small advertising/graphic design firm in Greenwich, Connecticut. For over 40 years we have built our business fulfilling client needs with a minimum of moving parts. Our mission is to produce quality, effective marketing materials as simply and efficiently as possible – and to hopefully have a little fun while we’re at it. 

Our clients are a diverse group. Retailers, galleries, residential and commercial real estate (brokers, developers, and agents), non-profits, architects and landscape designers – business to business or business to consumer. We work on single projects or ongoing campaigns, from business card to billboards. 

As an advertising design agency, we write, edit, or enhance copy. We have in-house architectural and landscape photography capabilities and supervise other photography or illustration needs. We prepare all files and oversee final production and delivery. These products include printed or digital promotional materials – print ads, web ads, brochures, e-books, flyers, logos, presentations, stationery, e-blasts, posters, signs…

Remember if your customer sees something with your name on it then it matters how it looks. 

Please call or email if you would like to find what Martine & Co. can help can do for you. We will ask questions and listen – and then prepare an obligation-free proposal. We’re ready when you are.

Martine & Co., LLC
34 East Putnam Avenue, Suite 102
Greenwich, Connecticut 06830
f. 203 869.0119